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WP-Scrub-like-Insurance-for-Your-WordPress-WebsiteWe’d like to welcome you to WP Scrub, your exclusive website protection and maintenance plan. What is WP Scrub?

WP stands for “WordPress.” This exclusive plan is for WordPress website owners only. And you are a WordPress website owner.

Now what does “Scrub” stand for? It’s like scrubbing your WordPress website to keep it squeaky clean. We work on 5 areas to protect your website and keep it running efficiently.

Those 5 things make up the acronym “Scrub.”

S – Secure.

Your website needs to be protected from hackers trying to get in. We secure your website and do the things necessary on a regular basis to make sure your website remains safe.

C – Clean.

When people come to your site to read your blog posts, you get notified in your “Comments” section on the dashboard. Some of those comments are spam. We clean those up for you. And we block the IP addresses of those commenters who are particularly pesky. And as we find them, we clean up other areas of the website that need tweaking too.

R – Restore.

Often a client will make a mistake when writing a blog post or uploading images. Or, there could be a problem with the website after a plugin is updated. When these types of things happen, we work to restore a previous version of the website that we have saved in our backup files for you. This restoration process is part of your WP Scrub plan. You won’t need it often, but when you do, we will act promptly to lessen the amount of time your website is down.

U – Update.

As you know, software engineers constantly update their creations. For WordPress websites, these include plugins, themes and WordPress itself. Plugin updates include things like a website calendar, spam blocker, SEO checker, CAPTCHAs, recipe plugins, form fields, website search, etc etc. We also update the main theme that your WP website was built on. And the all-encompassing WordPress software major updates come out about 3 times a year. We update plugins weekly and themes and major updates as they come out. This keeps your website from getting bogged down and also helps keep it secure.

B – Backup.

When was the last time you backed up your computer? Most organizations backup their systems daily to prevent loss of crucial data such as payments or donations. Likewise, your website needs to be backed up regularly, or you will be in danger of losing things like the latest blog post you worked hours to create, or important images and video you just uploaded. We take care of that for you with WP Scrub.

Keeping a website running smoothly takes time, technical know how, and commitment. Congratulations on ensuring only the best for your WordPress website. If you have any questions, call your website representative, visit our FAQ page, or contact us anytime. We will respond within hours.